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Cerakote is a protective coating designed to be durable while maintaining a thin, even application. It is a ceramic-based paint with an epoxy-like hardening system that is fired to ensure a quality finish.

It can be applied with maximum protective effectiveness to paintable materials that can withstand a medium (~300 F) heat: steel, aluminum, titanium, non-resinated layered materials (NOT fiberglass or most carbon fibers). Wood, plastic, polymer, and other hard surface materials that aren’t suited to heat: these can still have a good performing Cerakote application, but more time and less heat are necessary to avoid ruining the item.

We apply Cerakote using a modern high-volume low-pressure painting and ventilation system. The finish is baked in a laboratory-grade oven to ensure an even heating to a specific temperature range. The coated items are then slowly and evenly cooled to make sure no heat-tempering will occur of the Cerakoted medium.


Cerakote Pricing

Pricing Note: All prices listed are starting prices for ideal conditions. Price may vary due to item dimensions or expected materials to be used.

Cleaning: If an item is not disassembled and cleaned prior to us receiving it, there will be a fee for the extra preparation. You will be notified of issues before the work will be performed.

Scopes: We do not fully disassemble scopes, nor do we recommend Cerakote for them. If the lensing can be removed for maintenance purposes, remove and store the lensing prior to delivery for work. Depending on what can be removed prior to application, the scope may have to be cured at a low temperature to avoid ruining the sensitive components. Sensitive components that cannot be removed, will be masked off. Great care must be exercised for up to 14 days after coating with low-temp cures, so a longer process time will be needed before return shipping. We will make every effort to avoid damage, but lens materials may be fragile and we cannot take responsibility for their damage due to the Cerakote process.

Barrels: If you can anticipate the barrel being heated past 300 F consistently, it is recommended to utilize one of the metallic alloy coatings we offer. The Cerakote pigment particles can be burned in extreme use scenarios (rapid firing or sustained firing) and will turn a smoky black.

We are adaptable, and willing to perform work outside the scope of this cost list. Please contact us at sales@cabinfeversports.com for assistance. Min $30 purchase

Pattern and Stencil designs, please email us for a quote.

Complex firearms will incur additional costs.

Disassembly & reassembly costs are separate from Cerakote pricing. Typically ranges from $25 - $75, please email us for a quote.


Barrel: 1 color $80, 2 colors $130

Receiver/Bolt: 1 color $80, 2 colors $130

Barreled Action: 1 color $160, 2 colors

Scope: 1 color $100, 2 colors $150

Scope Mounts: Rings: 1 color $30, 2 colors $55

Stock: 1 color $80, 2 colors $130

Chassis: 1 color $125, 2 colors $175


Barrel: 1 color $30, 2 colors $55

Slide: 1 color $70, 2 colors $110

Frame: 1 color $85, 2 colors $125

Controls & Grips: 1 color $55, 2 colors $85, 3 colors $115


Magazines (per): 1 color $25, 2 colors $45

Suppressors: 1 color $70, 2 colors $130

Sights: 1 color $50, 2 colors $75

Gas-assisted rifles:

Upper receiver assembly: 1 color $115, 2 colors $160

Lower receiver assembly: 1 color $115, 2 colors $160

Individual parts: 1 color $50, 2 colors $75

Controls only: 1 color $50, 2 colors $75, 3 colors $100

Complete firearms:

Rifle (no scope, chassis): 1 color $210, 2 colors $255

Gas-assist rifle (no scope/sight): 1 color $300, 2 colors $350

Rifle with scope: 1 color add $130 to base price, 2 colors add $180

Rifle with chassis: 1 color add $125 to base price

Shotguns: 1 color $200, 2 colors $250 (single barrel)

Handguns: 1 color $120, 2 colors $165

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